Motor RD expert (Electrical background)
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Job responsibility
1.Work in a multi-disciplined team and carry out R&D of BLDC motors for automotive and industry applications. 2.Develop, maintain, evolve and innovate motion related products. 
3.Collect and analyze market information of related products to catch product development trends
4.Follow up new motor technology and new materials to initiate product innovation.
5.Complete new project feasibility study, design innovation, sampling and testing
6.Work with BU engineer and process engineer to improve motor structure and process.
7.Provide technical support to BU engineering and help to solve critical problems of motor design and manufacturing.
8.Need to handle multiple projects and work independently.
1.Electric engineering educational background, major in electric machine or related
2.Ph.D. + 2 year R&D working experience, or Mater + 5 year R&D working experience, or Bachelor + 10 year R&D working experience
3.BLDCM and PMSM products development experience in automotive application
4.Possess motor design, electromagnetic and thermal simulation ability
5.Be familiar with control technology of BLDC motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM)
6.Be familiar with motor structure and process
7.Good knowledge in using 3D design software SolidWorks to do motor structure design
8.Be familiar with ANSYS Maxwell software
9.Be familiar with MATLAB Simulink
10.Has independent working ability 
11.Excellent communication, presentation and time management skills
12.Proficient in written and spoken English and Chinese
13.Possess team leader potential